As a musician I’ve had the honour to participate in many kinds of music projects (some initiated by myself). Naturally I’m always interested in different kinds of working situations where I can lend my talents as a keyboard player or guitarist including live performances on stage. I am not limited to only what I can do for myself as an artist, it is equally just as important for me to help develop, and work with other artists too.


Music is a very important part of life….In all areas, it makes life better. It’s a big part of everyones world. Radio, television and the internet all play an integral part. As long as these media channels serve as an information or entertainment source, music will always play an important role in the lives of people.

Music is fun! For all who hear it, as well as for those who make it. It’s an exciting business. It’s no wonder that great voices are looking for the right music, along with the right producer to spotlight and bring them to new levels.

Just be wonderful! That’s what I tell artists who work with me. I also show them how to do it. With expertise, experience and empathy I help artists to bring out their personalities and sharpen their artistic visions. This works on many different levels. By keeping the focus on the result you want, putting in the hard work that goes along with it, you end up with “A wonderful outcome”.

Music and studies

I’m very experienced in the field of Music Production. After so many years in the business, I’ve got a good idea of how to achieve the right sound, I kind of developed a 6th sense to what suits each given situation.
I’m technically adept in these following areas:

  • Trailer, soundtracks
  • Advertising music, for product placement videos
  • Playbacks and 1/2 Playbacks for live performances
  • Voice,instrumental recordings for albums, singles and demos
  • Mixing external tracks

Songwriting and Arrangements

These creative services are very important to me. I’ve experienced so many different genres in this field of the music business, that I know how important it is to appeal to individual tastes.

  • I create the best songs and atmosphere that complement an aspiring singers style and personality.
  • It helps having such songwriting skills, where I can add different options or points of view to the whole picture. I can help expand on the melodies, lyrics or musicality ideas when necessary.
  • I have a very good feeling for instrumentation. A good sense of beats that bring the right elements into the flow or mood of the music being worked on.

Live Performance

A good recording is one thing. But you also want to convince your audience with your delivery on stage. You want to inspire and excite them, with great impact after every show. The stage is a special world in which special rules apply. You should know them, “The Dos & Don’ts of live performances”. How to really shine in the spotlight. Are you willing to work hard on your craft? Are you ready for the stage? Considering some professional artist coaching with me? I can bring out the best in every artist – that’s my firm promise. With this I am fully committed to you. To work intensively with you and bring to the surface what has always been there inside of you, Your authenticity.

  • Discovery and development of your talents
  • Practice-oriented vocal and performance training in the studio
  • Work on your Presence Intensively
  • Voice and breathing training with the support of a professional voice trainer
  • Discover your own style and sound.

Artist Development

For a professional artist career, you need not only talent but also suitable material and the right contacts. I have both. Take this opportunity to:

  • write and produce songs that suit your voice and style
  • help you find a label (management or sponsor).

Do you have any questions? I have the answers. And beyond that….
Just Be Wonderful!

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