Just to give you an idea of who you’re visiting with here, allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Pat Anthony. I make music, I’m a musician. No, I’m a Creator of Music! Music…This one word that takes on a whole new meaning, a whole life, a whole world of it’s own. There are musicians, singers, sound engineers and songwriters. Some who work on stage, and others who are working hard behind the scenes. I’m from both of these worlds. I’m fascinated by the whole process of making a production, writing a song, spending hours alone, or with an artist testing out ideas. Searching for that perfect melody or lyric line. Nothing is more exciting to me than to see and hear the end results of hard work coming to fruition. It’s like a light that shines through the dark.

That light, that awkward stillness before you make your first sound on stage, it all disappears so quickly once you feel the audience getting swept away with you. Their final applause melts all the tensions and doubts away, It’s at that moment when you know that all you’ve worked so hard for has finally arrived! It’s not only all work for me, I’m very comfortable in the studio, I enjoy search and discover process, this side of creativity always enriches me.

Music is what I do, and all that I ever wanted to do. Music is my life. Do you feel that way too? Shall we give it a try? Or do you already have a finished idea that you’d like to work on? I look forward to getting to know more about you & your music world. Give me a call and let’s take an adventure in creating great music together!

Let’s make it simply wonderful!

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